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Top 10 Teams to Win the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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Hopes and expectations are high as the 2022 edition of the FIFA world cup kicked off in Qatar. This would be the first time the country is hosting the cup and despite the strict regulatory policies in place, the country has succeeded in creating an entertaining ground for fans and players.

All over the world, nations with a place at the world cup are bidding for their national teams to emerge winners. But is that really how it would pan out? Most of the time, the bookies have a better idea of the teams that would win at the end of the day.

If you have been wondering the top 10 teams to win the world cup 2022, we made this article to guide you. In this article, we listed some of the world cup 2022 favorites and some of the reasons why they gained the recognition.

1.    Who is Favored to Win World Cup 2022?

Brazil is the favorite national football team tipped to win the Qatar 2022 world cup. When it comes to a national football team that has not just been consistent with making appearances at every world cup but also putting in the work to win, Brazil will easily dominate the list.

Incase you are not so sure why this country’s team made the list, here are a couple of reasons why it is the favorite in this current world cup.

World Cup Appearances

One of the easiest ways to know a world cup is to check the team’s consistency. Brazil is about the only country that has continually made appearances at every world cup.

This goes to show that the team surely knows something that other teams don’t know and that is a great “superpower.” If they can appear at most of the world cups, there is a chance that they would lift the cup more times than other teams have – and that’s true by the way.

Let’s Look at the Build-Up to the World Cup

Before getting a spot at the world cup, Brazil had done marvelously well in their CONMEBOL qualifying campaign.

Remaining unbeaten is a sure way to prove their worth and earn a spot to go for the bigger win – lifting the world cup in Qatar.

The Players are Cool

Well, the football wouldn’t pass itself around. Instead, the players would and that is what makes Brazil a favorite for the world cup in Qatar.

From time immemorial, the country’s national team has had the best of players. From the likes of Ronaldinho and Pele to modern-day players like Neymar and Gabriel Jesus, the team sure has talents that will get more balls inside the goalpost than any other team would have.

History Never Lies

When one goes back in time and checks Brazil’s track records, it becomes obvious why they are the favorites for this world cup edition.

Brazil has lifted more world cups than any other nation. Despite winning their last cup 20 years ago (in 2002) and coming close enough to win it in 2014 before getting knocked out by Belgium in the quarter-finals; the country has remained resilient.

With the new crop of players and strategic playing, they can get a better shot at winning the FIFA 2022 world cup in Qatar.

2.    France is the Second Favorite to Win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Reigning champions, France is set to win yet another FIFA world cup after a successful outing in 2018 where the team beat Croatia 4-2 in the final to win the 2018 FIFA world cup.

But would the team do it again this time, seeing that they didn’t have a successful outing in 2020 after losing out in the Euro 2020 Round of 16.

If France hopes to win this world cup, it would be banking on the following factors:

The Long-Standing UEFA Qualifications

France is about the only team that went through the UEFA qualifying stages without losing more matches than they won.

The team would later beat Spain in the finals of the 2020-2021 UEFA Nations League to emerge the defending champions.

France has an Army of Young Talents

If one is looking for a team that would emerge the world cup best team in 2022, the team members is one important consideration to make.

On this basis, France tops the list because of the “army” of young talents. According to Khel Now, the team has many young talents, including:

  • Paul Pogba
  • Wesley Fofana
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • William Saliba
  • Hugo Lloris
  • Benoit Badiashile
  • Eduardo Camavinga

3.    Argentina

The Argentines have a lot of expectations on Lionel Messi and the Argentina national football team. The team was off to a great start after beating Italy to the Cup of Champions.

However, the 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia literally dampened the spirits and has thus, made the team to become more conscious of the fact that they are slowly losing the “favorites” tag.

But with Lionel on the team and the team relying on him to deliver a world cup win for the first time, the tables might just turn in the team’s favor.

4.    England

England is in Group B with Wales, Iran and the United States. The team has had some great starts, including being the 2020 Finalists in Euro 2020 and Semi-Finalists in the 2018 FIFA world cup.

Interestingly, despite making huge appearances in the world cups, England has only won the cup once, in 1996. We look forward to the team breaking this spell this year.

5.    Spain

Like England, France and Brazil, Spain is one of the teams with the most world cup appearances. The team, however, seems to be having a hard time breaking through the semi and quarter-finals, a spell it finally broke in 2010 after winning 1-0 over The Netherlands.

Twelve years later, all eyes are on the time to pull a magic stunt and aim better at the world cup. Metrics like the young squad, a solid defense, running up to the Nations League of 2022 and reaching the semi-finals of Euro 2020 may just be in the team’s favor.

6.    Croatia

Croatia came second-place in the 2018 FIFA world cup after losing to France. This time, the team is back and better to get a shot at the world cup.

But they are off to a bad start after losing to Morocco in their opening game. If they are to become the favorites, they must find a way to get more balls into those nets, as that appears to be the team’s greatest bane at the moment.

7.    Germany

Germany has been in most world cup finals and might not just be there this time, but also win the cup.

The country’s team has made remarkable appearances at the world cup, including the successful outcome of the 2014 world cup, where they beat Argentina to become winners.

The team has since been “living on past glories” as it failed to make it past the group stage in the 2018 FIFA world cup where they were the defending champions.

8.    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal

It is going to be the greatest world cup outings for the duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, as this would likely be their last world cup appearances.

Already, Portugal is off to a great start with the last match being winning the Black Stars of Ghana, of course, with a Ronaldo penalty kick giving the team an edge.

9.    Ecuador

One wouldn’t have imagined that Ecuador would make the list of best world cup teams 2022 but it did make it and for obvious reasons too.

The team had in their opening performance against host-country, Qatar, scored 2 goals to get an edge. With a striker like Enner Valencia and an equally motivated team, there is no stopping them.

10. Belgium

With a Romeo Lukaku on the team and an antecedent of getting close to the finals, Belgium is one of the top teams to win the world cup.

The team needs to, of course, improve on their tackling and goalscoring skills as all that work shouldn’t be left for one man – Lukaku.

Who is Going to Win the World Cup in 2022?

If we are to go by what the bookmakers have to say (and which sometimes turns out to be true), Brazil has to be one of the teams to watch. From Willian Hill to PointsBet, these bookies have odds pointing to Brazil being one of the best teams to win world cup 2022.

As much as the team has the enigma and players who are delight to watch, we must not ignore the fact that several other teams can spring surprises. From Ecuador beating the host, Qatar to Argentina fighting to win the world cup after a long time and Ronaldo’s Portugal looking to lift the cup again, the competition is fierce. From most indications, Brazil has the upper hand and it remains to be seen how the England, Spain, Portugal and France’s national teams respond to this competition and edge their ways closer to the cup.

Written by Chukwukadibia Abah

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

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