How to Withdraw from Bet365 in Nigeria

Find out how to withdraw from Bet365 in Nigeria.

If you have figured out how to use Bet365 in Nigeria, then you have one more hurdle – the payment options. Due to the fact that the platform is a foreign-based or international betting site, it means that the local payment options in Nigeria might not work.

When it comes to how to withdraw from Bet365, there are a couple of steps you can take to cash-out your winnings. In this article, we reveal some of the steps to get started.

About Bet365

Bet365 is a British online gaming platform based in the United Kingdom. It provides an array of betting markets, such as sports betting and online casino games.

In Nigeria, you may be able to access the platform, play and wager on some of your favorite sporting events. However, the challenge is always with receiving your payouts.

Before Withdrawing Your Funds from Bet365

It is important to point out some of the expectations from Bet365 users, especially those from Nigeria. The betting site is particular about verifying the identity of the users, hence the introduction of the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.

The KYC process requires the users to provide the accurate details of their personal information. From the provision of your full, legal name to the uploading of your images, you need to complete the verification process.

Once this is completed, you can then move to the other stages of processing your withdrawal from Bet365.

Bet365 Withdrawal Methods

From the “Withdrawals” page, Bet365 mentions supporting a wide range of payout options. The most popular is using the bank wire transfer option. However, if that option is not available for you, here are some of the additional options you can consider:

  • PayPal
  • Debit and credit cards and;
  • Electronic Wallets (e-Wallets), such as Skrill.


Note: Bet365 prefers using the same deposit method as your payout or withdrawal method. Thus, if you intend using your debit card for withdrawals, it should be the default method for funding your Bet365 account.

Nevertheless, with a wide range of options, you can always manually switch to the preferred Bet365 withdrawal method.


Bet365 Minimum Withdrawal for Nigerians

The minimum withdrawal refers to the lowest amount of money you can withdraw or take out of your Bet365 account.

The withdrawal minimum tends to vary from the payout method you choose. Here is an example of some of the options:

1.    Bank Wire Transfer

If you are requesting a wire transfer, the minimum you can withdraw is $40. You are allowed to withdraw up to $50,000.

2.    Credit and Debit Cards

For card-based withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal limit is $10 for both MasterCard and VISA.

3.    Electronic Wallets (e-Wallets)

If you are cashing-out with e-Wallets like Neteller, Skrill or Ecopayz, you can request a minimum of $10. You may be able to withdraw a minimum of $20 using Neteller.

The maximum Bet365 withdrawal limits for the above are:

  • $50,000 for Neteller
  • $30,000 for Ecopayz and;
  • $38,000 for Skrill


Bet365 Withdrawal Process for Nigerian Punters

In this section, we want to walk you through the process of taking out your earnings or remaining bankrolls from the Bet365 betting platform.

1.    Account Access

Start by visiting the official website for Bet365. We assume you already have an account, so log into it using your email address and password.

2.    Navigate to the Withdrawal Window

Once logged into your account, navigate to the “withdraw” page and click on it.

3.    Choose a Payment Method

Here, you are required to choose between the deposit method that you used when adding money to your account.

If you don’t wish to continue with that, consider selecting a different Bet365 withdrawal method.

4.    Enter the Withdrawal Amount

You are now required to specify the amount of money you intend to withdraw. Make sure it is in line with the minimum required of that payment method.

5.    Complete the Process

After providing the necessary pieces of information, you can now click on the “withdrawal” button to complete the process.


Bet365 Withdrawal Time

One challenge to withdrawing funds as a Nigerian punter on Bet365 is the time it would take for the payout to reflect.

To put this into perspective, let us look at some of the estimated timeframes for the different payout methods:

  • e-Wallets: your payouts, processed via Electronic Wallets (e-Wallets), can take up to hours.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: this payout method takes a longer time. You should expect the withdraw to drag up to 5 business days.
  • Wire Transfer: payouts processed as a bank wire transfer take the most time. The estimated timeframe is between 2 and 10 business days.


However, if the estimated timeframes are elapsed and you haven’t received your payout, consider reaching out to the customer support team.


Bet365 Withdrawal Problems

Some Nigerians have complained of the inability to withdraw from Bet365, for one challenge or the other.

Here, we highlight some of the Bet365 withdrawal problems and possible solutions to them:

Payout Method Withdrawal Time Discrepancies

According to the information on the Bet365 Help section, card payouts processed via VISA Direct are completed within 2 hours. However, it may take up to 3 business days, if your bank doesn’t support payouts via VISA Direct. Also, withdrawals made to the MasterCard takes up to 3 business days.

Bet365 Withdrawal not Received

Your payouts may not be processed for a couple of reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  • Identity Verification: if you have not completed the KYC/identity verification process, your withdrawals wouldn’t be processed. Provide the required information and documents to complete the process.
  • Updated Payment Details: always make sure that your preferred payment methods are updated, especially the credit/debit cards.
  • Banking Days: Bet365 processes withdrawals or payouts only on banking or business days. That is, payouts are processed between Mondays and Fridays. If you requested a payout on Tuesday, for instance, you should get it by Tuesday of the next week, assuming the payout method takes up to 5 business days.



The best payout or withdrawal methods for Bet365 include credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfer and e-Wallets. Bet365 withdrawal via PayPal may not always work, as the PayPal payment processor is restricted in the country at the moment.

Written by Chukwukadibia Abah

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

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