A List of the Long Term Betting Strategies that Actually Work

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Betting requires time and dedication to keep learning how best to navigate. However, experienced punters know they can stand a better chance at hitting more jackpots if they could use some of the long-term betting strategies.

Instead of playing the short-term game and having panic attacks when you lose, why don’t you go for the long-term variant?

In this article, we make a list of some of the most profitable betting strategies that actually work in the long-term.

What are Betting Strategies?

These refer to the different ways you place your bets or wager on games. The strategies you use, the bankroll used for the wager and the number of games you bet on make all the difference.

Therefore, choosing the right betting strategy that works should be your priority at the onset. We will help you pick these strategies in this article.

1.    Engage in Dutch Betting

Also called dutching, this refers to one of the most-decisive betting strategies that let you stay in the green, no matter the direction the markets go.

In dutching or dutch betting, it refers to the process of gambling on the outcome of a sporting event, even if only one of your bets turn out to be true.

Here are some pro tips on how to make the most out of dutching:

  • Bet on or put your money on different games. The goal is to make some profits, if at least, one of the games/bets come out as predicted.
  • Continually adjust your bet size. Doing so helps to help you win the same amount of money, despite the outcome of the game.


2.    Find and Bet on the Outliers

Betting on the outliers is a profitable long term betting strategy that every punter needs to take seriously.

Before we proceed, let us break down what that term means. “Outliers” refer to the odds that go against the trend. These are the odds that don’t follow the regular pattern.

In light of this, punters have the goal of finding out these odds in good time, as they have the potential of making incredible returns.

The following points should help you with finding and picking the outliers:

  • Sign up for an account with different bookmakers. This gives you the opportunity to be among the first set of punters to know when the odds start changing.
  • Do not be in a rush to pick the outliers. The reason being that it takes time and strategy to find out these outliers or odds that tend to go against the trend/status quo.


3.    Hutching

It is possible to mistake hutching to be the same thing as dutching. However, they are different. While dutching has to do with the process of balancing your bets, hutching requires the positioning or prioritization of the most possible outcome of the bets.


4.    Arbitrage Betting

When the term “arbitrage” is mentioned, it often refers to betting on the both sides of the coin. As a long term betting strategy, it refers to the bets placed on the both outcomes of a sporting event. For example, you could bet on a team losing, as well as on a team winning. This way, whichever way the bets swing, you can be sure of making profits.

While this is a good way to hedge risks from both ends and still have something to go home with, it must be done perfectly.

Here are some tips on how to use arbitraging as a long term betting strategy:

  • Sign up with different bookies. This helps you to place opposite bets. For example, you could bet on a team winning the event on Bookie A and betting on the same team losing the event on Bookie B. It may not always be possible to place these opposing bets on one platform – hence, the need to use different platforms.
  • Speed is of the importance in arbitrage long term betting strategy. This is because most bookies make regular updates to the odds. By being fast about it, you can spot and lock-in on the arbitrage opportunities for the odds.


5.    Hedge Betting

For the most part, you are betting against the house – the bookie. However, it is possible to “bet against yourself.” The concept for this is called hedge betting.

It involves the self-vested betting strategy that allows you to bet against yourself, of course, based on the odds you are betting with.

For the best results, hedge betting should be continually balanced as per the movements in the odds of the bets you must have placed. This way, you get to take an advantage of the little changes in these odds to guarantee profits.


Other Betting Strategies that Work

Using a combination of the long term betting strategies in this article with the other tips helps you to become a better punter.

Here are some of the additional betting tips you need to follow:

6.    Bankroll Management

“Bankroll” refers to the amount of money dedicated to betting. Without this, you don’t have a business with betting in the first place.

With that being said, having a hand on your bankroll helps you to decide on how much you want to bet with – and which you are willing to lose.

With this in mind, you then need to make a bold decision not to go above your bankroll limit. Betting can be very addictive and if this measure is not in place, rest assured that you will spend more than you wanted to.

7.    Be Patient

You need to also be patient. As there are hundreds of platforms offering sports betting opportunities online, it could sometimes be confusing on which to go for.

However, if you are patient, choosing the best platform becomes easier. Patience is also required to help you make the right betting decisions.



The first set of strategies that makes you a successful punter are patience, managing your funds and implementing the best long term betting strategies. Having your eyes on the longer period of time is a good way to reduce your expectations, and build a solid ground upon which you make informed betting decisions.

Written by Chukwukadibia Abah

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet and actor. He is regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

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