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The Most Impressive Sports Betting Winning Streaks

Sports betting is a thrilling activity that attracts millions of people from all around the world. For many, it is not just a hobby, but a way of life. And what better way to celebrate this exciting pastime than by highlighting some of the most impressive sports betting winning streaks of all time?

1. Billy Walters’ 30-Year Winning Streak

Billy Walters is one of the most well-known professional sports bettors in the world. Over the course of his 30-year career, he built up a reputation as a master handicapper with a keen eye for spotting profitable opportunities. During his streak, Walters reportedly won over $50 million in profits.

2. James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy! Streak

While not a traditional sports bettor, James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy! winning streak is certainly worth mentioning. Holzhauer used his background as a professional sports gambler to dominate the game show, winning over $2.4 million over the course of 33 consecutive episodes.

3. The MIT Blackjack Team’s Winning Streak

The MIT Blackjack Team is a legendary group of card counters who famously won millions of dollars at casinos in Las Vegas and around the world. Their winning streak lasted for years, and they are said to have won over $50 million during their time together.

4. Pete Rose’s 44-Game Hitting Streak

While not a traditional sports bettor either, baseball legend Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak is certainly one of the most impressive winning streaks in sports history. Rose managed to get a hit in 44 consecutive games in 1978, setting a new record that still stands today.

5. Phil Ivey’s Baccarat Winning Streak

Phil Ivey is widely considered one of the best professional gamblers of all time, and his winning streak in baccarat is a testament to his skill. Over the course of several sessions, Ivey managed to win over $20 million at the baccarat tables in casinos around the world.

6. The Gambler Who Won Millions Betting on the World Cup

During the 2010 World Cup, a mystery gambler placed a series of successful bets that netted him over $10 million in profits. No one knows who this person is, but their winning streak during the tournament is one of the most impressive in sports betting history.

7. The Oakland A’s Streak

In 2002, the Oakland A’s set a Major League Baseball record by winning 20 consecutive games. During that time, many sports bettors placed bets on the team to continue their streak. Those who did were handsomely rewarded, as the A’s won game after game, earning the team and their fans an impressive winning streak.

8. The Gambler Who Won $6 Million in One Day

In 2010, a professional gambler known only as “The Joker” placed a series of bets on NFL games that resulted in a $6 million payout. The Joker reportedly placed a series of three-team parlays, correctly predicting the outcomes of each game. The impressive win streak is considered one of the greatest single-day sports betting victories of all time.

9. The Perfect Parlay

In 2017, a bettor in Las Vegas placed a $5 parlay bet on 15 different football games, correctly predicting the outcome of all 15. The bettor’s impressive feat earned them a whopping $100,000 payout, making it one of the most impressive sports betting winning streaks of all time.


Finally, sports betting can be a thrilling and lucrative pastime for those with a knack for predicting the outcomes of sporting events. The impressive winning streaks highlighted in this article demonstrate that anything is possible with the right strategy, knowledge, and a bit of luck. Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or a beginner, these winning streaks serve as a reminder of the potential rewards that can come from a successful bet.

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