Vinicius Jr on Racism in Football: “Everyday I have Less Will to Play”

Vinicius breaks down: “Every day I have less will to play”

The Real Madrid and Brazil player struggled to hold back the tears as he faced the media in Valdebebas ahead of tomorrow’s friendly against Spain.

The Brazil squad has arrived in Madrid to prepare for Tuesday’s friendly against Spain. All eyes will be on Vinicius at the Bernabéu for two main reasons, his consecration as one of the best players on the planet and the initiative carried out by the RFEF in conjunction with the CBF in the fight against racism. The striker spoke to the media this afternoon at Real Madrid’s training complex in Valdebebas and delivered a clear message: the fight against racism is more alive than ever.

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Emotional day for Vini

Why do you think you have been singled out for so many insults, is it racism?

I think it’s something very sad that I have been going through in every game, in every day, in every game I play. I also say that it’s not just me, it’s not just in Spain, it’s all over the world. In my country there are difficulties for being black, they always choose a white person. It happened to my father too, they didn’t hire him because of his skin color. I have endured many insults for everything that is happening to me. Racists are free to continue insulting, no one denounces them. With each passing day I am sadder because of all the insults I receive. I have to fight every day so that in five- or six-years people won’t go through what I am going through now.

You will be playing at your home stadium with the visiting team – and also as the figurehead in the campaign against racism. What do you expect from the game?

I thank all the players in Spain for their support. It is not only in Spain, in general there is a lot of racism. More and more Spanish players have helped me, sent messages, interviews… I have always thought that FIFA, CONMEBOL, UEFA, etc. They can do more things like the CBF does. I want to fight for all the poor. I want that to change, that when I come to talk to the press I don’t have to talk about these things.

In your first reply, you said that the racists aren’t being punished, they are white people talking about you and about racism…

I think they have to talk less about everything I do on the field. Of course I have to improve, but I’m only 23 years old and it’s a natural process. I left Brazil when I was very young, and I couldn’t learn many things about racism. Here in Spain you can study. Sometimes, I have less desire to play, less will. I want to continue fighting. (breaks down to cry – reporters applaud).

It’s hard to see you here in tears, crying. Do you feel alone with all of this? Where do you draw your strength from?

I believe that all people are with me and accompany me. Every day they send me messages to continue fighting. That’s what supports me along with my family. I have that support (from my family) and that peace of mind to be here and speak for so many people. Being here talking about all the people who may be going through what I went through is important.

In the last few games, you seemed unfocused and some people in the crowd targeted you. They were angry, started hurling insults and making racist signs…

If people start punishing people who do that, everything will be better for everyone. Today there are so many complaints, letters and so on that in the end what happened to my friend in Barcelona happens. An inquiry is opened, and nothing happens. We’re not going to change their thinking if we don’t talk. The case is with children, who also do it. I don’t blame them because they are innocent and copy what they see their parents doing.

You have fought against all this. How do you see yourself being a spokesman in the anti-racist fight?

Football has so many players better than me who went through this that I want people to evolve. I want us to have more equality in the near future with fewer cases of racism, for black people to have a normal life. Let him go home and not have any problems. To be able to remain focused on the game. Sometimes I want to concentrate on the game and I can’t, it’s very difficult to think about this every day. (Breaks down again) I just want to play football, do everything for the club and my family.

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How do you imagine the Santiago Bernabéu crowd will be tomorrow?

It will be a dream come true to be able to play at home, in Spain, with my national team, the shirt that I always wanted to play with. It is one of the best teams in the world. It’s been a long time since we faced each other. I expect a match like the one against England, very complete. I am very happy about the game and I want Brazil to emerge as winners.

Endrick scored a great goal the other day. How are you helping him to integrate into daily life? Do you think he might suffer the same that has happened to you?

I’m happy to see Endrick score his first goal. I met him when he was 15 years old and I am glad that he is living his dream and that he is doing so many things at only 17 years old. It is very important to him and his family. I hope people help him, and that he is able to go through the whole process like I did. It’s a big deal for him to arrive at 18 years of age. This is the biggest club in the world (Real Madrid) and there will be a lot people speaking highly of him, but also some speaking badly. As for about racism, rest assured that I will be here to help him with everything.

A year ago the fight against racism began…

As I said at the beginning, with each complaint people believe that I am against Spain and I am not. I am against racists. I want equality for everyone. After a year I had a lot of contacts, a lot of meetings that want to make things evolve, while others just want me doing nothing. I have to try to assimilate all that because the federations and the great people of the world can do that with me. I ask for help from UEFA, FIFA. CONEMB so they can fight. LaLiga is evolving, it tries to fight, but sometimes it does not reach all cases. LaLiga had many meetings with me about that. The players talking to me too and that gives me strength.

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Don’t give up the fight. What support did you receive from the CBF on this issue?

Thank you. The CBF, the president, the entire area that works with him, all of the players give me the greatest strength in the world. In Brazil, racist acts are already considered crimes. I hope that other federations in the world can join so that the players only have their minds on football. That they can make radical changes so that they can leave this issue behind.

Do you feel more comfortable talking about this because of the support?

Now I understand more about racism, that’s why I speak so appropriately. Muhammad Ali was an example, and I am here to speak on behalf of Brazilians. Because many defend me. It’s not like other times when I conceive the questions as an attack, and I couldn’t answer.”

Brazil is looking very promising with you and Endrick coming through. Now you are the leader at 23 years old…

It’s a very talented team because we have several young players. I played with many players in the youth teams with Brazil. We all knew each other from then. Danilo is the star of this team; he is always with the young people. It is also important that when Ney, Casemiro or Marquinhos (out injured) come because they give a lot of support to the young people. Now it’s my turn. I hope that people continue to evolve until 2026 and that we can return to the top.

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You’ve broken down crying several times during this press conference. Where do you get the strength to continue?

From my family, from the people who suffer in Brazil. I know where I come from and what I suffered and fought to get here. It is very difficult.

Have you thought about leaving Madrid?

I have never thought about leaving Madrid because if I leave, I will be agreeing with the racists – it would be accepting they have won. I am going to continue fighting and scoring goals so that people have to see my face more. I continue to evolve so that this happens. Play football and make people happy. Racists are a minority. Because I am quite a flamboyant player, from Madrid and we win titles, it’s difficult for me. I am going to remain firm and strong because the president supports me, everyone supports me.

This country is not racist. Yesterday in an interview with AS, Nico Williams defended you. He said that people target you because you are a brilliant player and because you are black. Do you feel like you have the support of your colleagues?

Yes, I think so. All the players support me, they write me messages, they appear in the press to defend me. They know the difficulties of this profession. Thinking about what could happen in the fields is complicated. I want to do the best on the field. I’m like that, I love playing football.




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